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meet aimee


c0-founder and no-nonsense creative

co-founder & passionate idealist


“So let me tell you about The Idealist. Always the romantic, she is a free spirit that is nurturing and finds beauty in everything. She dreams up the grandest of ideas, like that one time she saw us buying a vintage chapel — oh wait… 

At home in the garden - it is her most effortless form of aesthetic expression. Simple structure with layered color and texture everywhere. Her fashion aesthetic is simple skinnies with a tee and heels- always heels.

Aimee’s ability to light up a room stems from all of the passion she is able to fit in that little body. She believes in life's magical moments and expects them daily- fireflies on a summer night, playing barefoot in the grass, sweet baby kisses in the morning, fresh picked blackberries, metaphors and folks talking around the table long past dinner. She is game for most things and always with her usual positive vibe - especially if you buy her an iced coffee on a hot day; then all things magical are possible.

The Passionate Idealist can not resist branding everything! She is our copywriter, coordinates gatherings and editorial shoots and designs beautiful outdoor spaces. She also serves as concept pitcher and supreme persuader- you just can not say no to this girl. I’m sure glad I didn’t.”