“Yvette likes to say that I am the cheerleader and she is the geek. Maybe that is why people ask me to partner in business all the time. I always smile sweetly and say “Wouldn’t that be fun?” So, it is a rare moment that I leave a great job to up-and-buy an old building, but let’s be clear - this time I had met my creative match. She is the no-nonsense, creative workhorse who not only manages all of our social media, coordinates styling plans & schedules, scouts vintage rental inventory and relishes in creative branding exercises; she is the person who holds my beautiful daughter while I pace on an idea and is my Photoshop genius, magically correcting my imperfections. She prefers tea & honey to strong coffee (I just don’t get that); and practicality to dreaming. She is fascinated by typography and subtle, surprising, sweet details. She is both calming and reliable, and can spin my bad ideas into good ones. When she says “Girl, let’s do this”- she means it. While I am fancying some ridiculous, grand idea, she is already planning the steps to make it happen and I just love seeing what she comes up with. Never overcomplicated, she simply gets it done. The quiet yet observant one- she HEARS our clients and inspires them to try something different. She is both intuitive yet highly skilled, and the only person with whom I’d have the guts to launch this new endeavor.”


co-founder & no-nonsense creative